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Despite enormous nerves beforehand I read my poems at two events for Cheltenham Poetry Festival this year. The first was an open mic slot at the event, ‘Coming Home with Poetry – A reading and open mic’. The second was part of a Showcase featuring other students and tutors from the University of Gloucestershire. I felt in amazing company for both events. There is a great deal of talent to be found in Gloucestershire and beyond. The Francis Close Hall Chapel, part of Francis Close Hall Campus of the University, was a truly beautiful setting for both evenings. As I looked out at the audience I felt in really great and supportive company. I was taken aback at the people who spoke to me afterwards saying they had enjoyed the poems I had shared. It was really humbling. I will hopefully get to speak at future events… Thank you so much to Anna Saunders and Zoe Brooks of Cheltenham Poetry Festival for making all of this possible. And to my Supervisor, Angela France, for helping me out of my comfort zone!

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